As part of a plea agreement with Mueller’s office last fall

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canada goose clearance sale The court shouldn’t allow the special counsel’s office to run up fees and costs for the company “by engaging in wasteful discovery,” the company said in its filing.The loan came at a perilous time for Manafort, the former Trump campaign canada goose black friday instagram chairman, around the time of a raid on his properties. Woodlawn provided $1,025,000 to a Delaware entity controlled by Manafort’s wife in August 2017. Manafort himself guaranteed the loan, with a Baxter Street condominium in Manhattan pledged as collateral.As part of a plea agreement with Mueller’s office last fall, Manafort canada goose victoria uk forfeited many of his family’s assets to the government, including the Baxter Street condominium. canada goose clearance sale

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