The highly attended ceremony celebrates a 250 year old British

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Canada Goose sale On June 9, the newly minted Duchess of Sussex joined her husband, Prince Harry, and the entire royal family for the London festivities. The highly attended ceremony celebrates a 250 year old British tradition where military troops show off their flags (or colours) and march throughout the Buckingham Palace square.For the special event, the 36 year old former actor wore a pale pink, bespoke Carolina Herrera dress with matching Philip Treacy hat, which she evidently recycled from her first royal engagement in her new role, just three days after her May 19 wedding.the shoulder is inappropriate day wear at the Trooping canada goose outlet phone number or any official engagement, one critic feel her choice of an off the shoulder dress was pushing it for HRH Queen Elizabeth Birthday celebration. I have a feeling she going to push the limits a little too much?! another agreed of the look another dubbed as inappropriate. Canada Goose sale

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